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The variety of possible cable solutions is very large. Therefore, we call you to check out some keywords and technical constraints. In this context, you can let your imagination run wild!

Conductor materials and dimensions:

  • highly flexible copper strands in bare, tinned , nickel or silver plated
  • Wire cross-sections from 0.014mm² to 95mm²
  • Single wires up to 300mm²
  • Strands made of special materials (eg alloy, pure silver, LAHN-strands)
  • Special tensile strands of copper with Kevlarit Kevlar®

Insulation and sheathing materials:

  • halogen-free thermoplastics (PE, PP, PA, TPE, PUR)
  • Fluoroplastics (ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE)
  • Silicone and rubber compounds
  • Fiberglass insulation


  • Copper braid shields
  • Copper swirl screens
  • Mixed meshes made of copper and aramid
  • Foil shields made of aluminum-polyester film
  • compined shields

Reinforcements / strain reliefs:

  • Stainless steel meshes as rodent protection
  • Kevlar®, Vectran® or aramid as a strain relief in the form of strands or braids welded with the cable sheath
  • Steel cables as supporting elements

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